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JR and Dough discussed this topic again and again. Trellising marijuana helps the plant become what the grower wants to produce. JR says he wants ‘top shelf’ flowers and 50 “Goat Heads” per plant and Dough just needed a good plan. Here is what they did:

8 stakes and 8 main colas

What JR calls Goat Heads, we will call them colas or tip flowers. Plenty of staking and pinching is needed to grow 50 colas per plant. Above shows the plant with all 8 cane stakes. A cola is chosen for each cane and tied repeatedly to train the branch up the cane. When first transplanted, one cane is used on the main cola. When pinched (another topic for later) the cola count of a branch triples. Pinch one cola – you get three new colas to develop. The goal is to produce and stake the largest 8 colas on the plant.

Cannabis Trellis photos two weeks apart

The cane trellis looks like an upside-down umbrella. As we tied the colas to the stakes new colas emerge from the middle and the cane stakes disappear in the growing foliage.

Dough then drove 8 foot fence post into the ground to form a square around each plant. These post will support a mesh trellising material where the holes are big enough to support a cola. Our mesh is 6″ x 6″ and made of nylon twine.

Golden Goat with first top trellis

Dough and I have just now began top trellising our Sativa dominant hybrid Golden Goat, our fastest grower. He will add a second top trellis to support JR’s Goat Heads. As you can see 50 to 60 colas are possible in an outdoor grow.

Once the top trellis is added the posts will be wrapped in trellis mesh to support colas growing out the sides of the plants. Outdoor plants, with good spacing between plants can produce lots of flowers on their sides. These plants will double in size before harvest.

Update August 17th: The following shows the top nylon trellis is atop the fence posts and Fruity Pebbles colas growing happily through openings in the ‘boxed in’ plant.

Flowering Fruity Pebbles OG in a box trellis

Here is an adjacent sister with a better top view. These plants are 5 feet tall. Unless we thin colas, we will get 80 colas on our best plants, which exceed’s JR’s goal.

Top view showing thick stem flowers emerging.
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