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Friends for Life

JR and Dough grew up together in Cashion, Oklahoma on the edge of the wheat belt and north west of the capitol.

Cashion is small town with maybe 3,000 people making a living in agriculture and oil. JR’s family still works a farm there, and Dough’s father worked the oil patch. As kids, they both endured hardship and times of plenty. Boom and Bust, boom and bust, is a good description of the Oklahoma economy.

JR and Dough met as young teens when Dough’s dad was transferred to Cashion. They really met in the vice-principle’s office after a fight in gym after an unfortunate dodge-ball game. Tempers flared and while several boys were involved, Dough, who is already very big for his age, was the fight’s most obvious participant, and JR was the most vocal. So when the dust settled it was JR and Dough who got the paddle. It was this moment they were well met.

8 week old Golden Goat with 8 trellising stakes

As their fortunes would have it, the waves of prosperity and hardship with its peaks and troughs washed over each family differently. When Dough and JR graduated from high school, Dough’s family got him a draft deferment and sent Dough to OSU to learn engineering while JR was drafted, fought in Huey during Tet in his first tour and learned to lead and train warriors as a army NCO during the collapse of South Vietnam as a country and endured one of few defeats of any American Army. Both returned to Cashion about the same time looking for work that was new and exciting. People were landing on the moon!

It was at this age they both found they loved cold beer, marijuana, camping, and trout fishing; all at once. Both settled in Cashion marrying sisters, Lauren and Lana Fleming, cementing their brotherhood forever. Since this time both have been brothers, business partners and avid campers.

Their most recent business together is JR’s Cannabis, LLC. Not too long after Oklahoma approved medical marijuana, JR and Dough got a grower’s license and began planning an outdoor garden just southeast of their old home town.

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