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Thank you for stopping by our new web site. JR’s Cannabis is a new company and we hope to share our journey through these blogs and stories. Most stories will be seen through the eyes of JR and Dough and interpreted, typed up, since JR cannot type and Dough has not the time, and presented here by me the third employee of JR’s Cannabis, LLC, and as such I will do my best to limit run-on sentences and show how we grow weed here on the farm.

This entire business is the brainchild of JR and he should explain. While I am new here, at JR’s, I have known them for some time, which you would think make the telling easier, but as you will see some of JR’s ideas are kinda, well, kinda out there and difficult to re-articulate into a sensible story. Dough, JR’s ever present sidekick and lifelong friend, who got his name for being a bit pudgy as a child and got his nickname, dough, … but I am veering away from our path … Dough will help tell our story.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by, and welcome to JR’s.

PS: Did you see the lady bug? JR is a real lady bug man.


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