Shatter Dipped Joints

Notice the nice even glaze of shatter on each joint. Adding the shatter make the joint more potent and flavorful. The even coating offers a smooth smoking experience with no runs, no drips and no gummy filter full of resin.

The test results are all here on these links. Our approach to sustainable organic farming has produced very clean product.

Proof of Purity

All of our Golden Goat Shatter Dipped Joints use the same high quality batch of Golden Goat Sugar Wax.

  • Test results for Flower
  • Test results for Sugar Wax

Golden Goat – Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Huge Golden Goat flowers

JR loves this variety for it’s flavor and potency. This year’s Golden Goat flower had 18-23% THC content. JR wanted huge colas and the Golden Goat produced as expected. Some plants produced 6 pounds of dry flower and we averaged 5 pounds per plant!

Rich terpene content gives Golden Goat it's distinct and popular flavor.

Terpenes Test Results

Terpene Rich

This is our garden favorite because of the smell.  I wish we could put the wonderful smell on our web site. Every test result for Terpene content of the flowers was above 4%.

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